Ada County Tests Voting Equipment Ahead Of Election Day

Nov 3, 2016

Ada County elections officials today will test their voting system in advance of next week's big vote.

The test takes ballots with predetermined votes and runs them through the same process they would go through on Election Day to make sure software and equipment are working properly.

The equipment is tested every election, but Ada County Deputy Chief Clerk Phil McGrane says there’s added scrutiny this year after allegations of voter fraud across the country.

“Watching that process does give people reassurance that everything’s working properly, that they don’t have to be concerned about any tampering with the equipment," McGrane says. "We put a lot of emphasis – particularly in this election – with security and ensuring that this system is safe and secure.”

McGrane says the 2:00 p.m. test is open to the public at the Boise elections office, 400 N. Benjamin Lane, Suite 100. He says both major parties and issue representatives have been notified and are invited to attend.

After the test ballots are counted, the equipment and software will be locked up until Tuesday.

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