After 30 Years In Business, Boise's Hyde Park Books To Close

Mar 20, 2015

Hyde Park Books, a staple in the North End of Boise for 30 years, is closing its doors.

Marti Martino bought the used bookstore in 2013. She says the store has had just three owners in its long history.

She says she’s heartbroken for her family and for the community. “It’s kind of still raw for me. It’s been something we’ve been thinking about for quite some time,” Martino says. “We haven’t made this decision lightly by any manner. I understand it’s been an icon in the community for quite some time. But unfortunately it’s not sustainable.”

She says a variety of factors contributed to the closure, including the fact her rent has gone up since she bought the store. Martino says it’s not about making tons of money, she just can’t make ends meet anymore. Martino and her husband are working jobs outside the bookstore to bring in cash.

Martino says it has always been her dream to own a bookstore. “I love it, I love the fact you can work with really creative folks, I love the fact that we have poetry readings and its free to the public and it’s open to the community, but there is a business side to it that makes it really, really tricky to balance that line,” she says.

Martino says after the shop closes at the end of the month, she’ll put the remaining books in storage while she figures out her next move. Martino says she’s shopped around for another location, but isn’t sure if she’ll open another store. “There is definitely a chance.” Still, Martino says it’s too soon to make a decision about the future.

The store’s Facebook page will remain active until Martino decides what to do. The shop will be open a few days a week through March.

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