After Decades Of Mismanagment, Mobile Home Park Outside Moscow Closes

Jun 5, 2018

This is the kind of view people at the Syringa Mobile Home Park in Moscow had. The park closed this week after years of mismanagement.
Credit npatterson / Flickr Creative Commons

According to a 2016 NPR report, Syringa Mobile Home Park was once a nice place to live – beautiful, even, in view of golden wheat fields and snowy north Idaho mountains.

But for 30 years, the owner, a Portland attorney named Magar E. Magar, didn’t take care of the park’s infrastructure. Contaminated water filled the pipes and raw sewage bubbled up from the ground. Today, the park closes.

In February, Magar settled a class action lawsuit, paying nearly $300,000 to tenants who went without clean water for 93 days in 2013. Magar also filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Remaining residents scrambled to move out last weekend. According to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, some hoped for an extension that never arrived. Even with the settlement money, many couldn’t afford to move their trailers, which they had to leave behind.


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