After Protest From Democrats, Idaho Primary Billboards Will Be Changed

Feb 24, 2016

Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney has agreed to change the wording of 22 billboards around the state, a move that is being applauded by the Idaho Democratic Party (IDP).

Credit Idaho Democratic Party

The billboards currently say in big red letters "Presidential Primary March 8" and then direct people to the secretary of state's website for more information. But Idaho Democratic Chairman Bert Marley says this message is misleading, since March 8 only applies to the Republican presidential primary and not to the March 22 Democratic caucus. Marley wrote a letter to Denney, a Republican, asking for the billboards to be revised.  

According to a press release, the decision to remove the GOP primary date from the billboards comes after the IDP notified Denney they intended to pursue legal action. Denney had previously said the billboards would not be revised.

“We thank the Secretary of State’s Office for recognizing that their billboard advertising campaign was misleading and for agreeing to fix the billboards,” said IDP Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown. “We are also pleased that we solved this issue without having to take it court.” - Idaho Democratic Party press release


Listen here for an interview with Secretary of State Denney before he decided to change the wording of the billboards.

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