Analysis: Boise-Area Emissions Have Risen Nearly 150% In Last Two Decades

Oct 14, 2019

Emissions from Boise metro area traffic have gone up almost 146% over the last two decades, according to a New York Times analysis published Wednesday from Boston University’s data. Pollution from transportation grew faster than the area's population, resulting in a 12% pollution increase per capita from 1990-2017.

Compare that to Los Angeles in the same time period — its emissions rose only a fraction of Boise’s at 16%. And, its per capita emissions have actually gone down.


Boston University has been tracking metropolitan air pollution for three decades.


Nationally, almost 60% of carbon emissions are from cars and trucks. Another 23% comes from freight trucks. Many environmentalists say focusing on cutting roadway exhaust is key to dealing with this issue.


The Trump administration is planning on lowering existing emission standards, which could significantly increase emissions across the country.


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