Author Saladin Ambar Malcolm X And Racial Politics In A Global Era

Sep 29, 2017

Fifty years after he was assassinated at age 39, Malcolm X remains a controversial and somewhat mysterious figure. During his short but eventful life, he was a minister with the Nation of Islam who went on to found his own mosque, a fiery militant who advocated “any means necessary” to attain racial justice, and a brilliant, charismatic speaker whose legacy is still being determined.

Saladin Ambar, offers insights into how Malcolm X continued to change and refine his philosophy and politics near the end of his life in his book “Malcolm X at Oxford Union.”  The book offers analysis and context for a speech Malcolm X gave as part of a debate at Oxford University – a speech that until Mr. Ambar’s book, has received little academic scrutiny.

Mr. Ambar teaches political science at Lehigh University.