Baby Snow Leopards Born At Zoo Boise

Jun 26, 2013

Baby Snow Leopards at Zoo Boise
Credit Zoo Boise

You can now catch glimpses of two baby snow leopards born at Zoo Boise.  The cubs, one male and one female, were born May 23 to parents Kabita and Tashi.  These are the first snow leopards to be born at the zoo.

Kabita and Tashi were paired as part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP). The conservation program of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums helps breed endangered or threatened species. 

There are more than 300 SSP programs helping everything from California condors, and lowland gorillas.  Zoo Boise takes part in 14 SSP programs, including the Red Panda, Amur Tiger, Sloth Bear, and Grevy’s Zebra.

Zoo Boise veterinarian Dr. Holly Peters says first-time mom Kabita is doing a fantastic job caring for the cubs.  Staff members have been giving her privacy to keep her stress levels down. 

The cubs are starting to explore their den.  As they explore, they’ll come out into the exhibit and be visible to zoo visitors.

Since April, several babies have been born at Zoo Boise, including a mangabey monkey, porcupines, skunks, and a serval kitten.

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