Bernie Sanders Wins Idaho Caucus

Mar 23, 2016

Idaho Democrats caucused at locations around the state Tuesday night. The busiest venues were in Boise, where Democrats started voting more than two hours late due to long lines to get in.

Dominick Nicholes was among those who waited for hours outside a downtown arena and a large conference center. He was there to support Bernie Sanders. Nicholes thinks Sanders can fix the problems with the nation’s health care system and a lot of other problems he sees as well.

“There’s a problem with the flow of the money and a corrupt campaign finance system," Nicholes says. "Student loans, these are all things that I think are wrong with the country, things that need to be addressed. And I think Bernie Sanders is the person to do it.”

Sanders won the statewide contest with 78 percent of the vote, while Clinton received 21 percent.  In Idaho, Democratic delegates are awarded proportionally to the amount of the votes received.

Idaho Republicans held their presidential primaries two weeks ago. The next voting here will be the state primary in May.

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