Boise City Council To Discuss Library Rebuild And Sports Park

Feb 19, 2019

Over the past several months, two proposals that have been on Boise City Council’s radar are a replacement for the Main Library and a sports park that would be built downtown.



On Tuesday, councilmembers plan to discuss the projects further, according to a press release from the city. There won’t be a public hearing, but the meeting is meant to focus on the idea of allowing public opinion to have a say in the projects in the future. The move comes after a Boise group asked the city for public votes on both proposals.


The press release says that the Main Library Campus project would replace the library with a larger one more accommodated to modern technology. This would also include building a Center for Arts and History where visitors can attend exhibitions, performances, presentations and workshops. The building would also become the home of the city’s Department of Arts and History.


Additionally, the proposed Boise Sports Park would be developed by a private firm and turned into a multi-sport facility. Mayor David Bieter supported putting $3 million into the park, and the sporting area of the facility would be publicly-owned. The park would be surrounded by other buildings such as offices, stores and homes.


According to the press release, the city attorney believes a ballot initiative effort for the projects is unconstitutional, despite calls to put them up for public vote.


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