Boise City Council Revisits Grove Plaza Transfer Deal

Oct 11, 2018

The Grove Plaza could someday be sold with proceeds going to fund a sports park.
Credit Kyle Green / Idaho Statesman

At a Boise City Council meeting this week, councilmembers doubled down on taking over the Grove Plaza from Capital City Development Corporation. Members reconsidered language in the transfer deal.

The Boise City Council voted 3-2 to keep the language of the original resolution they unanimously passed in August.  A condition in the agreement stipulated if the city sells the Grove, it must be sold to a government agency and proceeds have to go toward the design, planning, or construction of a sports park.

Council members Lauren McLean and Elaine Clegg opposed the transfer of the plaza with the original language at the Tuesday meeting. They wanted more discussion of the sports park clause that came to light after the initial passage of the resolution.

“What was most important for me in this whole process was making sure that the transfer and the conditions that the city accepted were done in a transparent way," said McLean.

McLean says she wanted the city to have more options with what to do with the plaza if it’s sold, but she was glad to have an opportunity for discussion.

She said there’s currently no conversation about selling the plaza, but this resolution limits what can be done with the funds if it’s sold in the future.

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