Boise Florist Hopes Bus System Blossoms

Jul 5, 2019

Last week, the Boise City Council voted to approve a new long-term financial deal with Valley Regional Transit. Starting next year, VRT will get an extra $1.8 million to fund service, maintenance and capital improvements.



This funding will help keep Katie Milliken’s bus line running regularly. She’s a Boise florist who relies solely on the bus for transportation.

“It is challenging to have a job,” Milliken says. “My boss here at the flower shop is so helpful, she knows that I’m working around the bus schedule.” 


While her job is accommodating, her route stops service in the early evening. This means that – unless she opts for a cab – she can’t go to evening events downtown. "It’s just – it’s limiting," Milliken says.


Regardless of this extra money, Milliken is hopeful for the future of Valley Regional Transit. She says the agency has been receptive to her concerns in the past. 


VRT relies on funding from cities across the Treasure Valley. Improvements depend on if and when they can set aside the money. 


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