Boise Indie Musician's New Album Featured In Impose Magazine

Aug 4, 2016

Daniel Kerr's "Don't Die" is his second full-length album.
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Brooklyn-based Impose Magazine has an eye on Daniel Kerr.

The Boise musician's new 13-track album is playing exclusively on the website. "Don't Die" includes a couple of previously released singles, as well as a handful of fresh songs. Kerr told Impose the album was an exploration of "feelings of depravity and sensuality without having to talk to people about it."

"It’s a more personal record than I would expect from myself. I usually prefer songs to confuse me or at least be wrapped in some ambiguity with little truth-treats placed thoughtfully throughout. I didn’t care about that on this record. I just wrote songs I felt. Then let the instruments and their melodies veil me if I felt too exposed." - Daniel Kerr, Impose Magazine

Kerr was featured in a 2014 KBSX series exploring Boise's arts scene. Here's an excerpt from that story: 

“I’m a big aficionado of the 70s and the 60s. You have all those mistakes, and you have the band sitting in the room recording it all at once. So I’m doing my best to kind of preserve that feeling without having a band.” - Daniel Kerr, KBSX 

"Don't Die" will be available on Bandcamp August 5. 

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