Boise Mass Stabbing Suspect Claims "Sabotage" After Judge Allows Cameras In Courtroom

Jul 16, 2018

30-year-old Timmy Earl Kinner appears in 4th District Court via video feed for a hearing in connection with a recent Boise mass stabbing attack.
Credit James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

Monday morning, an Idaho District Court judge denied a request to ban photo, video and audio recordings during a hearing for the suspect connected to a recent mass stabbing attack in Boise, leading to outbursts both in and outside the courtroom. 

Public defenders representing 30-year-old Timmy Kinner had filed a motion to ban cameras in the courtroom last week, saying " coverage serves no purpose other than to allow media outlets video and photographic footage of Mr. Kinner paraded in and out of the courtroom, shackled and escorted by deputies."

4th District Court Judge Michael Oths denied the motion, saying Idaho law leans toward allowing media to record the proceedings, barring certain circumstances.

Over a video feed, Kinner said, “This is sabotage, your honor,” before he was muted. A woman in the courtroom yelled for him to “shut up” before beginning to cry.

Kinner's attorneys have also requested further access to their client, wanting forensic psychologists to interview him.

Oths initially denied a motion for access, but eventually allowed access under certain conditions. Specifically, he denied their request for Kinner to be partially unrestrained.

"If there's a problem, let's address it at that point instead of being anticipatory," Oths said.

His attorneys say Kinner has been uncooperative at some points, but say they can't properly defend him without full access to him. According to the Idaho Statesman, Kinner has had five behavioral violations at the Ada County Jail. He's been held without bond due to public safety concerns.

Kinner faces a first-degree murder charge, as well as several other felonies in connection with the mass stabbing attack. One child died and several other children and adults were hospitalized.

He’ll make his next court appearance August 14.

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