Boise Mayor Announces Bar & Restaurant Dine-In Closures In Light Of Coronavirus

Mar 19, 2020


NOTE: Since news broke during this interview on Idaho Matters that Boise Mayor Lauren McLean planned to announce restrictions on restaurants and bars in light of COVID-19, more details have emerged. In a press conference at 2:45 p.m., McLean detailed restrictions on restaurants and bars beginning at midnight Thursday. All dine-in restaurant options will close in the Capital City for 30 days, while pick-up, drive-thru and delivery options can remain open if those businesses choose. 

The move comes after mounting pressure on governments to take forceful action to contain the spread of COVID-19. McLean says the city has heard from restaurant owners and employees about how to best protect themselves and the public. She says the city will allow cars to park in front of some downtown restaurants without having to pay for parking in order to allow folks to quickly and safely pick up their food. 

It has been three months since Boise Mayor Lauren McLean took office. Now, faced with issues of explosive growth, affordability, housing, and much more, she also has a global pandemic to worry about. 


That’s where we start our conversation. Later on in the program we ask her more about how she’s thinking about the other issues facing Boise. 

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