Boise Mayor On Short-Term Rental Proposals: 'It's All About Promoting Long-Term Rentals'

Sep 30, 2019

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter talks with Morning Edition host George Prentice
Credit Office of the Mayor of Boise

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter says a robust number of citizens have already shared their opinions on proposals to regulate short-term rentals in the city. The proposals would encourage new rules on apartments, condos or homes where people rent living spaces for less than 30 consecutive days.

"What we will do is gather those comments and then get a group together, including realtors - we have one good-sized company with an office in Boise - plus neighborhood people and city people, and say, 'Here are the ideas.'"

Currently the city does not regulate short-term rentals. The city is also limited by Idaho Code 67-6539 which allows the city to implement "reasonable regulations" that "protect the integrity of residential neighborhoods in which short-term rentals or vacation rentals operate."

Bieter spoke with Morning Edition host George Prentice about short-term rentals in the city. They also talked about Boise's just-passed resolution denouncing "bias and hate, in all of its forms."

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