Boise Musician Curtis Stigers Sets Out On His Latest European Tour

Jun 9, 2014

Curtis Stigers’ latest album “Hooray For Love” is the Boise singer’s first release since his 2012 record “Let’s Go Out Tonight.”

Stigers is touring this year to promote his new record, his eleventh album and the eighth he’s done for California-based Concord Records. But U.S fans won’t get many chances to see the singer in person. Most of Stigers’ concerts are once again in Europe

Stigers was born in California, raised in Idaho, and still calls Boise home.
Credit Marina Chavez

“It’s just per capita, I’ve sold more records [in Europe] and there just seems to be an interest,” he says. “That’s where they pay me so that’s where I go.”

He says the sheer size of the U.S. makes tours here more arduous.

“I can tour around Germany, play 10, 15 cities and towns, and never drive more than two or three hours a day,” he says.

Stigers says he remains comfortable with calling Boise his home. He lived in New York for nearly 17 years, but says Boise’s quality of life makes up for any conveniences such a big city once provided.

“I love living here. This is where I belong," he says. "And although it is a little bit harder to fly to Europe from here than it is from New York, the drive to the airport is much shorter.”

The 48-year-old admits he has a high profile in his hometown. Stigers says hosting concerts that raise money for local charities was something he could never do in New York.

“I was such a small fish in huge pond that the idea of doing something for charity was almost inconceivable to me,” he says. “But being here, I can sing a little bit and get my friends together, and make a lot of money for important causes.”

Stigers’ album continues to climb the jazz charts. He touts the new work as a happier record than 2012’s “Let’s Go Out Tonight,” which he labels as a “dark” project that came after his marriage had fallen apart.

Stigers will resume his tour next week with dates in Washington D.C., Boston and New York. He’ll end the month with concerts in London and Paris. His next Idaho concerts are in August in McCall

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