Boise Musicians Film Dramatic Video Set At Shoshone Falls

Jul 13, 2016

Pianist Trevor Loucks and violinist Crista Guthrie at Shoshone Falls.
Credit 92 Keys / Instagram

It may be difficult to find a more quintessentially #Idaho backdrop for a music video than Shoshone Falls.  

Boise-based duo 92 Keys posted the video of their "Welcome Home" cover earlier this week. According to their website, pianist Trevor Loucks and violinist Crista Guthrie received permission to film in June at the iconic Twin Falls landmark from city officials. Next came the unusual quandary of getting a grand piano into the scene:

"It quickly became obvious that the only way we could get the grand piano on top of Shoshone Falls would be by hiring a helicopter to lift it up there. We certainly didn’t have a budget for that! So we went for the next best thing and figured out that we could load the piano up on a pontoon boat and transport it to Pillar Falls which is a few miles downstream from Shoshone Falls. You’ll even see a shot in the video where I’m playing the song while the pontoon boat is driving down the river near Perrine bridge." -- Trevor Loucks

The six-person crew used a drone to capture some of the most impressive footage. The result is a soaring three-and-a-half-minute video, featuring an especially dramatic shot around the 50 second mark where violinist Guthrie is playing on the top of Shoshone Falls. According to a blog post, she says the scariest part of the shoot was not the heights – but rather the mist coming from the waterfall. 

"Shoshone Falls releases a very strong mist, and if I faced directly towards the falls for too long, my violin would get wet! No bueno! I found good angles and spots where there wasn’t as much mist, and everything was fine." -- Crista Guthrie

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