Boise Neighborhood Gone To The Goats

Aug 3, 2018

118 goats chomped on rosebuds, bushes and lawns for nearly two hours as they clip-clopped down a Boise neighborhood street Friday morning.

Tiffany Hone was at a nearby grocery store when she got a call from her neighbors.

“They said there’s a herd of goats in your backyard,” says Hone. “My kids went crazy.”

The trot down Summerwind Drive off of Five Mile Road began around 7 a.m.

118 goats nibbled on bushes like these in a Boise neighborhood Friday morning when they escaped a nearby retention pond.
Credit James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

Neighbors gathered around the herd to keep them corralled from escaping to a busier street, documenting their offbeat Friday morning with photos and videos.

“They were just in a stormwater retention pond, just cleaning that up about a block away and managed to push through the fence and go on an adventure this morning as goats do,” says Kim Gabica, co-owner of out of Middleton.

“They’re crafty escape artists for sure.”

Hone says they eventually left her backyard, meandering down the block, chewing up everything in sight.

“They were just going to town on the neighbor’s yards. You can see the path of destruction.”

The 118 goats that got loose in a Boise neighborhood Friday morning were eventually corralled. They were supposed to be eating weeds at a nearby retention pond instead of neighborhood lawns and rosebushes.
Credit James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

Gabica says she and her husband, who was sweeping goat pellets off of neighbors’ driveways after wrangling the cloven-hoofed animals, will reimburse anyone for mangled plants or flowers.

“They’re always hungry. They have an endless appetite. Anything is fair game,” she says, noting about 100 goats can take down half an acre of vegetation a day.

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