Boise Nonprofit Offers Critter Clinic For Companions Of Homeless

Jul 12, 2019

Experiencing homelessness puts a huge strain on people — and it’s amplified if they have any pets. That’s because Boise shelters won’t let animals inside.


“You know, everyone deserves the love of a pet and finances shouldn’t determine that," says Pamela Marshall, the founder of Nomadic Critters. "And a lot of times people are homeless for things that are out of their control and they won’t use services of the shelters because they have a pet and the shelters won’t allow the pet”. 

Nomadic Critters is a nonprofit that puts on free clinics where they offer everything from vaccinations to blood tests. Marshall says the organization is looking to have a more permanent shelter, where pets can stay overnight while their owners get a meal or talk to a counselor at one of the local shelters.

“Pets, in some cases, are the only form of, you know like, love a person gets,"says Marshall. 

The free clinic will take place this Saturday, in the lot behind Interfaith Sanctuary. It is open to any individual who uses shelter services and their pets. More information can be found here.


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