Boise Planning and Zoning Votes Against Proposed Trucking Terminal

Oct 10, 2018

The Blue Valley mobile home park sits close to Eisenman Road.
Credit Kelsey Grey / Idaho Statesman

Boise Planning and Zoning Commissioners voted four to two at a meeting on Monday against a proposed trucking terminal on Eisenman Road. 

According to the Idaho Statesman, many folks at the meeting raised concerns about the fumes at the terminal that could harm residents of Blue Valley, a 200-unit mobile home park close by. Residents were also worried about the noise the trucks might create, even though freight shipping company R+L said they would put up a noise barrier. Both residents of the mobile home park and R+L representatives testified.

Even though Planning and Zoning voted against the proposed terminal, City of Boise Communications Director Mike Journee says R+L can appeal the decision to the City Council. He says the process of taking it to the council shows how much residents have a say in what happens.

“Our public process takes really strong account into how our neighbors feel about projects and it’s a good example of how that process does work and how it can impact projects in certain areas,” Journee says.

According to him,  if R+L does appeal the vote, the city council could uphold the Planning and Zoning decision or they could overturn it.

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