Boise Residents Express Health Concerns About Proposed Trucking Terminal

Mar 14, 2019

Dozens of people attended this week’s Boise City Council hearing about a proposed trucking terminal. It would be right next to the 200-unit Blue Valley mobile home park. Neighbors like Betty Davidson expressed concerns about air quality and noise.


"I feel this will be a safety issue that will not be good for the kids of our community," Davidson says. "In addition with all these diesel fumes and other pollutants, it won’t be very safe to spend time outdoors."


The proposal comes from the freight shipping company R+L. In October, Boise’s Planning and Zoning Commission voted against it. But the company appealed that decision.


A representative from R+L testified that they have been compliant with their design plan and the conditions set in place by the city.


Councilmember Holli Woodings said the project could be improved to protect the neighbors.


"If the design is sufficient to protect the health of neighboring residents, that needs to be shown to us," says Woodings.


The council voted unanimously to move the proposal forward, but now it goes to the design review committee. After that, the City Council will see it again for a final vote.