Boise Sequoia Doing Well Ahead Of Move

Apr 28, 2017

The Pittenger Sequoia is seen here in greener days. Despite looking a little brown ahead of its move, a tree expert says the big tree is doing fine.
Credit susankinidaho / Flickr

There’s no need to worry about the state’s largest Sequoia standing guard in front of St. Luke’s in Boise. Despite looking a little ragged, the mighty tree is doing just fine.

Fans of the Pittenger Sequoia in front of St. Luke’s have been worrying about the health of the tree after the long and harsh winter. They’ve taken to a North End Facebook page to raise their concerns about the evergreen’s brownish tinge.

Nothing to worry about, says tree expert David Cox. He tells the Statesman the brown coloring could be more pronounced this year than in the past due to winter winds and particularly biting cold. Cox is confident the tree is in good health.

Planted by the Pittenger family around 1912, the now towering Sequoia is set to be relocated to make room for an expansion of St. Lukes. The move will tentatively happen in June when crews elevate the tree 5 or 6 feet in the air, put it a platform under it and slowly pull it to a new home in Fort Boise Park.

The hospital is spending $300,000 on the move.

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