Boise State French Film Festival Highlights First Director From Sub-Saharan Africa

Feb 1, 2018

The main character of "La Noire de..." is Diouana. The Senegalese woman is hired by an affluent French family to watch their children as they spend time in Africa. When they return to France, they bring Diouana with them. Diouana has high hopes for her new life in Europe, but her painful new reality quickly sets in.
Credit Afro-cine Semear / Youtube

The Department of World Languages at Boise State is screening a series of French motion pictures in conjunction with the Idaho Film Collection. The month-long event is made possible by a cultural grant from the French government.

French professor Mariah Devereux Herbeck is hosting a screening of "Black Girl." In conversation with Morning Edition host Matt Guilhem, she spoke about the festival, the films and the ongoing relevance of director Ousmane Sembene’s "Black Girl."

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