Boise State Public Radio Wins 17 Idaho Press Club Awards

May 8, 2017

Boise State Public Radio's newsroom, KBSX, took home 17 Idaho Press Club awards on Saturday, including eight first-place prizes.

KBSX content was entered in radio, online and print categories.

Here is a full list of winners.

General Excellence – Radio

  1. Matt Guilhem – KBSX
  2. Samantha Wright – KBSX

Spot News Report – Radio

  1. Tom Michael – KBSX – “Dozens March in Boise for Black Lives Matter Movement

Watchdog / Investigative Report – Radio

  1. Scott Graf, Samantha Wright, Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Watering Idaho”
  2. Adam Cotterell – KBSX – “Is The National Heroin Epidemic Coming To Idaho?”

Serious Feature Report – Radio

  1. Adam Cotterell – KBSX – “Why We Don’t Know How Many People in Idaho Get Deported”
  2. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Idaho Law Needs To Change To Help Victims of Stalking”
  3. Matt Guilhem – KBSX – “A Push Is Underway for the State’s First National Park”

Honorable Mention - Samantha Wright – KBSX – “Soda Fire Horse Gives Insight into Wild Mustang Program”

Light Feature Report – Radio

  1. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “How One Woman Rose To the Top of Wildland Firefighting”
  2. Samantha Wright – KBSX – “BSU Students Design Space Tool for NASA Competition”

Public Affairs Program – Radio

  1. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Speaking of Serial Episode 10”

Sports News Report – Radio

  1. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Idaho Olympic Cyclist Goes for Third Gold Medal”

Use of Sound – Radio

  1. Frankie Barnhill – KBSX – “Nostalgic Hobby Became a Treasure Valley Holiday Tradition”
  2. Adam Cotterell – KBSX – “Go Behind the Scenes at Boise’s Escape Room Game”

Website – General Excellence –Online

2nd       Lacey Daley, Scott Graf, Samantha Wright, Frankie Barnhill, Adam Cotterell, Matt Guilhem, Tom Michael – KBSX -

Best Podcast

2nd       Nate Poppino, Idaho Statesman & KBSX staff – “Speaking of Serial”

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