Boise's Last Salvation Army Thrift Store To Close

Jun 4, 2019

The Salvation Army is most visibly known for its bell ringers who stand outside of grocery stores during the holiday season. They have also dabbled in the thrift store business, but the last of the group's stores in Boise will close its doors in the coming weeks.

The Salvation Army raises money to help those in need through those fundraisers, but also by selling donated clothing at their thrift stores.

Major Bob Lloyd heads Boise’s chapter. He says they’ve closed about a half dozen Treasure Valley stores before this.

“With the dramatic increase in the number of local thrift stores over the past 30 years or so and the escalating cost of business, we just really believe right now is a good time to kind of restructure and refocus,” Lloyd said.

He’s talking about shifting focus to running a new community center.

The facility is west of Boise Town Square on Emerald Street and features a full-size gym, soccer fields and an education center.

Lloyd says that’s where they will also relocate the Marian Pritchett School to help young parents complete their high school education.

The Salvation Army sold the school’s original property in the North End to investors last year, according to the Idaho Statesman. It could soon be filled with eight single-family homes and five condos.

The center is expected to open this fall. The thrift store will be running sales until it closes for good June 14.

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