Bosnian In Boise: Celebrating Culture Through Food And Dance On Thursday

Jan 21, 2020

The Bosnian-Herzegovinian Cultural Center of Idaho has been in Boise since 2000, when thousands of refugees came to the United States fleeing war and conflict. Some settled in the Treasure Valley. Since then, community members have been using traditional dance, music and food to share Bosnian culture with Idaho.

"A lot of the children don't even speak the language anymore...this is our home now." - Maya Duratovic

Maya Duratovic says that in some ways, her Bosnian-American identity is a little confusing — even to her.  

“I have a hard time with [the word refugeee]," she says. "We were refugees when we came here and now most of us are U.S. Citizens. So I don’t even know how to refer to us anymore.”


Duratovic is helping to organize an event this Thursday at JUMP in downtown Boise celebrating Bosnian culture. She says it’s one way to keep their culture alive, while honoring their life as Americans now. 


“A lot of the children don’t even speak the language anymore," she says. "This is our home now.” 


Thursday’s event will feature folk dancing, Bosnian literature, food and much more. (Speaking of food: check out these delicious traditional recipes, including the croissant-like “burek” which she shared with the Idaho Matters team). Durotavic says all are welcome at the event.

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