Brad Little, Idaho's GOP Gubernatorial Candidate, Will Support Medicaid Expansion – If It Passes

Sep 26, 2018

Incumbent Lt. Governor Brad Little, who's running for governor, says he'll enforce the will of the people should voters pass an expansion of Medicaid coverage this November. A Republican, Little's party generally opposes broadening Medicaid.
Credit Darin Oswald / Idaho Statesman

In November, Idaho voters will head to the polls to decide on whether or not Medicaid coverage should be expanded to include some 51,000 people who currently don’t qualify. Despite his party opposing the proposition, Republican gubernatorial candidate Brad Little says he’ll enforce the will of the people.

While speaking to the Idaho Falls City Club this week, Little described the plight of those caught in the so-called “Medicaid Gap” as something he’s passionate about addressing.

Those in the gap make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but not enough for insurance vouchers to buy policies on the state’s exchange.

According to the Idaho Press, Little’s primary concern with expanding the program is uncertainty at the federal level. The constitutional merits of former President Obama’s Affordable Care Act are being challenged by a lawsuit out of Texas. The Trump Administration has also vocally advocated repealing the ACA.

At the luncheon in Idaho Falls, Little did not say how he’ll vote on the ballot initiative this fall to expand coverage. However, he said he would make that public sometime ahead of November 6th – Election Day.

Idaho Democrats and their gubernatorial candidate, Paulette Jordan, are in favor of broadening Medicaid coverage.

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