Broadcast Systems Status

Sep 14, 2018

Current Status of broadcast facilities
(as of 3:46pm Thursday, March 7 2019)

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Music - KBSU 90.3: Normal
News - KBSX 91.5: Normal

Sun Valley/Ketchum, etc.
News - KBSS 91.1: Normal
News/Music - K213EN 90.5: Normal
News - K228DO 93.5: Normal
News - K262BZ 100.3: Normal

News - KBSY 88.5: Normal

News - KBSJ 91.3: Normal

Twin Falls
News/Music - KBSW 91.7: Normal

McCall / Valley County
Jazz - KBSK 89.9: Normal
News - KBSQ 90.7: Normal
Music/Classical - KBSM 91.7: Normal
News - K228CZ 93.5 (Lake Fork / New Meadows): Normal
Music/Classical - K215BN 90.9 (Cascade): Normal

Music/Classical - K216CD 91.1: Normal
News - K292EK 106.3: Degraded in some areas.

K209AQ 89.7: Normal, however, is a relay of K220CG Salmon. 

K220CG 91.9: Normal

Internet streaming

We have just migrated our streaming servers to new hardware.

Music (Classical/KBSU) - Normal
News (KBSX) - Normal
Jazz - Normal
Radio Bilingue - Normal


If you're experiencing a problem with one of our stations, have a question for our engineers or would like to leave a comment, please fill out this form and we'll be in touch. To contact our engineering department directly, send them an email: BSPRengineering (at) BoiseState.EDU.