CDC Says Six Cats Diagnosed With Plague In Idaho This Summer

Dec 13, 2016

Earlier this year, we reported that two Elmore County cats had died after an outbreak of plague in ground squirrels. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a total of six cats caught the deadly disease this year in Idaho.

In May, Idaho Health and Welfare reported that dead ground squirrels south of Boise had tested positive for plague. They issued a warning for people and pets to avoid the plague zone.

But by June, Central District Health reported two cats had died from plague, one of which had direct contact with ground squirrels.

Now a new report from the CDC says six cats caught the plague, five from the area near Boise, and one in Eastern Idaho. Four of the cats died and the other two recovered after antibiotic treatment.

The CDC says the most common signs of the illness in the six cats were fever and enlarged lymph nodes. The authors of the report say veterinarians should keep an eye out for plague in cats, in areas where the illness is found.

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