A Central Idaho Ranch Could Be The New Home Of Camp Rainbow Gold

Nov 12, 2018

After a decade of searching, Camp Rainbow Gold is close to buying a permanent property to host weekend trips and summer programs for children with cancer.

Monday morning, the organization announced it would tentatively buy about 150 acres of the former Soldier Mountain Ranch near Fairfield for $1.3 million.

“I am definitely trying to keep the excitement contained, but I am still optimistic about this property and what the future is going to hold, so it’s a pretty exciting day to be sharing this news,” says Elizabeth Lizberg, Camp Rainbow Gold’s executive director.

The deal isn’t finalized. Camp Rainbow Gold has 90 days to double check that there aren’t major problems with the property before buying it.

It’s also the second deal within the past year for the organization to secure a permanent home.

In a controversial move last December, Blaine County Commissioners denied a permit for the camp to build a new location near Ketchum due to concerns over wildfires and traffic.

Lizberg says she’s had to turn away families because they can’t lease more time at their current locations.

“We’re at that maximum capacity, so we need additional weeks and additional weekends so that we can bring up more kids and more families.”

The ranch is not part of the nearby Soldier Mountain ski resort, though it does include an 18-hole golf course.

“We do not anticipate keeping the 18 holes going, but there is certainly an opportunity to keep a few of them going,” she says.

The 150 acres also includes 26 buildings – 21 of which are cabins.

Should the deal go through, Lizberg notes the camp won’t be ready for next summer. Camp Rainbow Gold still need to raise more money to finance the project, though she didn’t say how much.

Soldier Mountain Ranch had initially been listed for sale a few years ago at $2 million for all 698 acres.

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