City Club Of Boise: 23rd Annual Pundits Forum

Dec 8, 2017

City Club has assembled an all-star panel for its annual legislative pundits forum:

  • Melissa Davlin, co-host, “Idaho Reports.”
  • Betsy Russell, Spokane Spokesman-Review.
  • William Spence, Lewiston Tribune.


Idaho politics can be complicated in even the best of times. But with the national state of political discourse defying norms and expectations every day, who knows what an election-year legislative session amidst a hotly contested governor's race could have in store?


If anyone can offer some insight, of course, it is The Pundits. And they are back. The City Club of Boise's Pundits Forum — a perennial favorite — is set for Tuesday, January 30.


Join another all-star panel including Betsy Russell from the Spokane, Wash., Spokesman-Review; Melissa Davlin, co-host of Idaho Public Television's “Idaho Reports;” William Spence from the Lewiston Tribune; and Jim Weatherby, Boise State University professor emeritus.


Idaho Ed News writer and City Club board member Kevin Richert and his "snark jar" will try to keep everyone in line and on topic — and try to make sense of the most unusual political years in our time. You won't want to miss this one, folks.

Chair: Greg Hahn

Moderator: Kevin Richert