City Club Of Boise: Bogus Basin At 75

Feb 8, 2017

In 1938, an energetic group of civic leaders led the charge to create a ski area in the mountains above Boise. With rousing support from citizens, the business community, the Forest Service and city and state officials, the dream for Boise's very own ski area came to fruition when Bogus Mountain Recreation Area opened in December 1942. From its inception, Bogus Basin was established as a nonprofit community resource. It has grown to meet our community's changing needs and has gained national acclaim for its accessibility to all, regardless of income, age or physical abilities.

As the recreation area celebrates its 75th Anniversary, they remember the countless pioneers, families and volunteers who made it happen, whose grit and spirit of community brought Bogus Basin to life. Now it's up to a new generation to ensure Bogus Basin lives on as the valley's favorites destination for recreation and education ... in all four seasons.

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