City Club Of Boise: Energy Policies — The Inherent Choices And Sometimes Difficult Trade-Offs

Jul 1, 2019

Credit Skytech Solar / Flickr Creative Commons

This City Club of Boise Forum on energy policy was recorded on  Monday, July 8, 2019.

Energy policies impact family lifestyles, local health and economics are are central to providing a liveable planet. AND complexity reigns: Should energy choices be left to the market? Shifting policies and electric vehicles? Dams vs. salmon? Future use of - environmental regs or economics? Building codes and energy efficiency? Energy grid issues - location decision makers, security concerns, central vs. dispersed distribution?

Panelists: Dr. John Gardner (Boise State University), Benjamin Otto (Idaho Conservation League) and Adam J. Richins (Idaho Power)

Moderator: Katherine Himes