City Club Of Boise: Swimming The Boise River — Source To Snake

Aug 20, 2019

Christopher Swain visited the City Club of Boise to discuss his efforts to bring awareness to water quality issues and our reliance on water resources.


Come hear from renowned swimmer and water quality advocate, Christopher Swain. This summer, Idaho Business for the Outdoors presents Boise River: Source to Snake, an educational water journey created to bring communities together to support fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in Idaho.

Swain loves water and has swum over 3,000 miles in more than two dozen polluted waterways, in support of clean water and universal human rights. He is the first person in history to complete the entire 1,243 miles of the Columbia River from British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean and has promised to support the entire Columbia River water basin whenever he can. He has survived great white shark habitat, attacks by blood-sucking Lamprey Eels, raw sewage discharges, oils spills and water contaminated with PCBs, heavy metals and weapons-grade nuclear waste.

Swain will swim the Boise River from its source, high in the Sawtooth mountains, all the way to its confluence with the Snake River in Parma. At the time of this lunch, Swain will be about halfway through his swim.