Comedian Paula Poundstone Surveys 40-Year Career On Way To Boise Performance

Jan 17, 2019

Paula Poundstone
Credit courtesy of the artist

Comedian Paula Poundstone is one of the panelists on the NPR weekend show, Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me. She performs in Boise on Thursday, January 17 with her two-hour stand-up routine at the Egyptian Theater.

A two-hour show is a testament to her 40-year career. When she started in comedy in 1979 in Boston, she rehearsed a routine that lasted only five minutes. She found when she was nervous or distracted she would forget even that five minutes of material and instead end up using unrehearsed material in her stand-up. As a result, her style came to embrace these spontaneous moments more and more.


In addition to her comedy touring and her work on the NPR program, Poundstone has written a book, The Totally Unscientific Study Of The Search For Human Happiness, and produces a podcast, Nobody Listens To Paula Poundstone.


She spoke to Boise State Public Radio about how her lengthy style of joke-telling doesn't always translate to the fast-paced, edited radio broadcast of Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me. She discussed working together with other comics and the happiness that her job brings her.


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