Conservation Success From Toilet Rebates In Moscow, Idaho

Feb 28, 2017

Credit Chris Carlson / AP

 The northern Idaho city of Moscow is saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water since implementing a conservation plan last year that provides rebates to customers who swap out their old toilets for more water-efficient ones.

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reports that 64 households that replaced 85 toilets through last year's rebate program should expect a total annual savings of more than 555,000 gallons of water. The figures were presented Monday to a City Council committee by Moscow's environmental services coordinator, Nichole Baker.

The program also provides rebates to customers who switch from an irrigated lawn to water-efficient landscaping.

Baker says those customers should expect a total annual water savings of more than 173,000 gallons.

She is recommending the city increase the number of rebates allowed per household.