Crews Work To Stop Future Boise Foothills Fires

Apr 18, 2017

You may see some large patches of blue in the Boise Foothills, starting this week. It’s part of a program stop wildfires in the iconic trail system.

The blue dye is an herbicide that crews will apply to manage non-native grasses and problem weeds. Those are the plants that compete with native species and increase the risk of fire.

The Boise Wildfire Mitigation Team is made up of the City Fire Department, Parks and Recreation, and Planning and Public Works. In addition to using the herbicide, they will be mowing fuel breaks, removing dead vegetation and re-seeding native species.

They’re working now through June in Hulls Gulch, Camel’s Back, Oregon Trail, Mesa and Military open space reserves. The money comes from a grant by the Bureau of Land Management.

The blue dye is not harmful to humans or pets, but officials advise staying off the treated areas for at least 24 hours after it's applied. Some trails may be blocked temporarily while the work is being done.

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