Cross With Caution: Elderly Couple's Death Spurs Calls For Pedestrian Awareness In Boise

Mar 28, 2019

The sad death of an elderly couple as they crossed the street in Boise in late February has prompted calls for increased awareness of pedestrians.
Credit Beyond Neon / Flickr

Following the death of an elderly couple who were struck by a car while crossing the street in Boise, efforts are underway in the city to raise awareness about pedestrian safety.

On the afternoon of February 27, 89-year-old Bob Goar and his 87-year-old wife, Florence, were hit by an SUV as they crossed the street at Milwaukee Avenue and Northview Street. Florence died immediately after the crash; her husband died nine days later.

The passing of the couple sent ripples through the community and has prompted calls for improvements at the intersection and broader awareness of pedestrians.

“We have to realize that school zones aren’t the only place that we need to look out for pedestrians,” says AAA Idaho spokesman Matthew Conde.

He says those on the road and those crossing it have a responsibility at intersections.

“Pedestrians need to do their part,” Conde says. “This is always a losing battle between a pedestrian and a motor vehicle. Even if you have the right of way, and even if you are convinced that it’s your turn, you do want to be careful because other people may not know the rules of the road or they may be distracted.”

Distractions can steal the attention of both walkers and drivers, Conde says.

“If you’re jogging or biking with earbuds in both ears, you’re asking for a sensory deprivation situation there – and the same for motorists,” says the AAA spokesman.

According to the Idaho Transportation Department, a total of 12 pedestrians died from being hit by cars in Ada County in 2017 and 2018.

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