Cybersecurity And The 4th Industrial Revolution

Dec 6, 2019

We have all heard of the advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing, and other technologies — all of which will spark exponential changes to the way we live, work and relate to one another. This change we are living through is called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it impacts all disciplines, industries, and economies.


Credit Erik Jones / Boise State Public Radio

It’s the collective force behind many products and services that are fast becoming indispensable to modern life such as GPS systems that suggest the fastest route to a destination, voice-activated virtual assistants , personalized video streaming recommendations, and online platforms that pop up with new offers based on your buying and browsing history.


While it is bringing previously unfathomable improvements to the lives of many across the globe, this revolution also brings new challenges from protecting the nation's computer-driven power grid and communications systems, to our personal information and data. What are the big questions, issues, and obstacles facing us all, especially around cybersecurity? Idaho business and innovators are tackling these questions, creating products, building solutions, and providing employment opportunities.



INL - Zach Tudor, Associate Laboratory Director

KOUNT - Brad Wiskirchen, CEO

University of Idaho, Dr. Michael Haney, Assistant Professor