Delays Rather Than Drivers Licenses On Offer At Idaho DMVs

Oct 10, 2018

Hours long waits are typical at Idaho DMVs.
Credit Omar Barcena / Flickr

Despite repeated attempts to cut wait times at Idaho DMVs and to fix an unstable computer system, long lines and closures are still delaying drivers.

A trip to the DMV is rarely a joy, but Idaho motorists are short on patience. Wait times for driver’s license services stretch for hours and offices still close with little warning.

Realizing the deteriorating conditions earlier this year, the Idaho Transportation Department issued an extension for drivers with licenses expiring between June and September. Those drivers now have to have their licenses current by the end of the month.

Even with the extra time, drivers are still facing an uphill battle. The Ada County Sheriff's Office closed their driver's license office early Tuesday. More customers were in line than could be served by the facility and dozens were turned away.

Nampa resident Jessica Saxton tells KTVB she’s tried to renew her license four times recently, and each time there’s a prolonged delay. Saxton says she’s seen waits of four to six hours.

Although ITD updated its old and troublesome computer system for licenses and IDs in August, the new program, called Gems, is leading to longer waits. The Ada County Sheriff’s Office isn’t offering much optimism either. A spokesman says drivers should expect delays at least through the end of the month.

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