Discovery Center Partners To Get More Kids Interested In STEM

Nov 18, 2015

The Discovery Center of Idaho wants more young people to get excited about science, technology, engineering and math – better known as STEM. To do that, the center has partnered with another Boise nonprofit, Giraffe Laugh Early Learning Center. The two groups are asking people in the community to sponsor 50 low-income families with memberships to the science center.

Credit Discovery Center of Idaho

Mecale Causey is with the Discovery Center. She says the idea fits perfectly with their overall mission.

“So for us it’s all about access and inclusion and allowing people from any type of background," says Causey, "no matter your story or age, etc. – we want you to have access to STEM learning and education.”

Causey says Giraffe Laugh has identified families that would benefit from the science center membership. She says now, it’s an opportunity for people in the community to chip in. Year-long family memberships cost $90. Causey says this is the first time they’ve done this sponsorship program, but if it’s successful they hope to continue it for years to come.

The Discovery Center will have a grand reopening for their new exhibit tonight, and will be open to the public on Friday. Causey says people interested in buying tickets for families can visit the center during business hours, or call her directly (208-287-4225) to purchase them.

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