With "To End All Wars," Adam Hochschild Provides A Chilling Exposé Of WWI

Oct 27, 2017

The war that became known as World War I began over 100 years ago and ushered in a new type of warfare – one built underground, in trenches, instead of above ground, on horses. In his book, To End All Wars, Adam Hochschild brings the war to life in a stark and dramatic new way.

Focusing primarily on the role Britain played, Mr. Hochschild tells this story as a battle of dueling loyalties. On one side were the British citizens and officials who believed the war should be fought, and on the other were the equally passionate citizens, including socialists and pacifists, who opposed it.

This interview with Mr. Hochschild is part of yearlong exploration on our campus of this pivotal era in world history, titled “Front, Homefront, and Aftermath: 100 Years After the ‘War to End All Wars’.”  A number of events are being planned by our Hemingway Literary Center to engage the campus and community. You can find details and a schedule on the university’s website at boisestate.edu.

Adam Hochschild is the recipient of many literary prizes and the author of eight books, including his latest, titled Spain in Our Hearts; and he was a featured speaker at the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference this past summer.

With this interview, we’ve now featured a total of 500 guests on our program. Over the years, we’ve interviewed winners of major literary awards, authors of bestsellers and first novels, prize-winning journalists and historians, and world-renowned experts in fields ranging from architecture to zoology. We’ve also featured writers and thinkers who were less celebrated on the national stage, but that had important and sometimes surprising insights to offer. Our list of potential guests just keeps growing, and that’s a good thing. As we move ahead with our 501st guest and beyond, we’ll look forward to sharing more great reads with you. Thanks for listening.