Episode 10: Making Sausage And The Difference Between The House And Senate

Mar 9, 2018

Who doesn’t like sausage? Tastes great at breakfast, but it can get kind of ugly when there’s just two weeks left in the Idaho Legislature.

Bills can get carved up in fascinating ways during the end of the session and this week we take a closer look at the sausage making that happen as the end heats up.

Also this week, we have a special guest: Senator Dean Mortimer of Idaho Falls. The Republican is the chairman of the Senate Education Committee and serves on JFAC, the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee.

He talks about the power of a committee chairman and the difference between serving in the Senate versus the House. And he says this year’s legislature is, well, different.

“Absolutely. There’s a unique difference in that it is much more rigorous and fast-paced than it has been in the past,” says Mortimer.

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