Episode 11: Blogging The News At The Idaho Legislature

Mar 15, 2018

If you’re listening to Legislative Breakdown every week, chances are you probably also check in day-to-day to the Eye on Boise blog from the Spokesman Review.

The blog is THE spot to find out what’s happening during every hour of the legislature in real time and the reporter who makes it all happen is Betsy Russell.

You can find her running, literally, from committee meeting to protest to press conference, working hard to keep up.

“Often, multiple things are happening at the same time. On a day when I’ve covered 10 different things, some of those were happening at the same time and it’s hard. It’s a real challenge,” says Betsy.

In this episode of Legislative Breakdown, she pulls back the curtain on her job, talks about how things have changed over time and waxes poetic on what she would change, if she could, about the legislature.

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