Episode 13: Going Home And What Didn't Get Done

Mar 30, 2018

After 80 days of wrangling, bargaining and lawmaking, Idaho’s 2018 legislative session wrapped up this week.

We take a look at what didn’t get done during the session and why. Lawmakers failed to take up a health care bill, continued to ignore the Add the Words campaign and didn’t reconsider a grocery tax repeal.

We also look at how legislators treat election years differently than others while they're in Boise.

And Samantha Wright and BSU political science professor Gary Moncrief say goodbye to Legislative Breakdown.

"I hope it’s helped people to think about the institution of the legislature and the role that citizens should have in the making of public policy in the state of Idaho,” says Moncrief.

We want to thank you for joining us throughout the legislative session for “Legislative Breakdown.” We couldn’t do it without you!