Episode One: Herding Cats And Goat Rodeos

Jan 5, 2018

Credit Bruce Newcomb

Taxes, legislator squabbles, herding cats and goat rodeos make up this week’s episode of “Legislative Breakdown.” In this week's podcast, Samantha Wright and Boise State Political Science Professor Gary Moncrief are joined by special guest former Idaho House Speaker Bruce Newcomb.

Newcomb was the longest servicing Speaker of the Idaho House. He was elected in 1986 and served 20 years in the legislature, eight of those as Speaker. He’ll talk about how tough it is to manage 70 different personalities in the House while trying to get something done. It’s a little like herding cats — or goats. But Newcomb says he had it easy compared to the unrest that happened last session when some of the more conservative members of GOP took on House leadership.

“I didn’t have people who wanted to burn the place down and I think there’s a certain amount of people who just want to destroy government and start all over again,” Newcomb says.

Plus, Moncrief and Newcomb look at what they say is the number one issue facing the 2018 session: How the federal tax cut bill will affect Idaho’s economy.

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