Episode Six: Health Care, Tax Cuts, Climate Change And A Live Audience

Feb 9, 2018

Representative Ilana Rubel.

Health care, tax cuts, climate change and a live studio audience. That’s the nexus of this week’s look at the Idaho Legislature.

Democratic Representative Ilana Rubel joins Boise State University political science professor Gary Moncrief and Samantha Wright before a live audience to talk about the big issues of the week at the statehouse.

Rubel talks about being in the minority party in the GOP-dominated legislature.

“If you’re bringing a bill, you have to just work so much harder to build support in the community … and get more people to come in and testify … you have to do more research, make sure you know absolutely everything up and down, backwards and forwards because you can’t just go in and rely on your party allegiances to carry you through,” says Rubel.

We also take on audience questions in this special live version of the podcast.

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