Failed Anti-Semitic Politician From California Says He's Headed To Idaho

Aug 6, 2018

A Holocaust denier who recently ran a failed campaign for the U.S. Senate in California has told North Idaho residents he wants to build a “regional capital” there.

Two Sandpoint residents recently shared phone messages they received with the Spokesman-Review that claims to be from Patrick Little. So what's the opening line from the message?

“America has a Jewish problem.”

In June, Little earned 1.4 percent of the vote in his bid to unseat California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. He was barred from the California Republican Party convention for his anti-Semitic views. Shortly afterwards, he recorded a video depicting him standing and spitting on an Israeli flag.

Set to the theme of the ‘90s sitcom Friends, the robocall says he wants to set up a “regional capital” in Sandpoint.

“North Idaho has some of the best people anywhere, brought up in the old American pioneer spirit of hard work, family values, common sense and fighting off the nation-wrecking plans of leftists and their Jewish controllers who aim to ruin our people forever.”

The California politician didn’t respond to requests for comment from the Spokesman-Review or Boise State Public Radio.

North Idaho has a troubled history with hate groups. It served as the headquarters of the Aryan Nations before its leader filed for bankruptcy in 2000.

More recently, Sandpoint has had other hateful messages spread around town. Last October, Boise State Public Radio reported on racist fliers left on vehicles and buildings, though it’s unclear where they came from.

The robocall says Patrick Little is traveling the country to spread his message and will be in Sandpoint in mid-August.

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