A Fascinating Look Into "Stalin's Last American Spy" With Author Kati Marton

Jun 23, 2017

What does it take for someone with seemingly every advantage in life to turn on their friends, their family and their country, all in the name of a cause? Today’s guest, Kati Marton, explores that question in her new book, True Believer: Stalin’s Last American Spy. 

True Believer is the amazing true story of an American named Noel Field who spied for the Soviet Union during the 1930s and ’40s . Ultimately, Field was kidnapped and tortured by the KGB and forced to testify against his own Communist comrades. His family, including his wife, his brother and an adopted daughter, also were imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain when they went to search for him. The story Ms. Marton tells is filled with danger, misplaced loyalties, and betrayal.

Kati Marton is the author of several books including Enemies of the People: My Family’s Journey to America, which was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and she is a former correspondent for  NPR and ABC News.  Ms. Marton will be coming to Idaho this summer as a featured speaker at the Sun Valley Writers’ Conference, find out more at SVWC.COM.