February Brings New Parking Rates To Downtown Boise

Feb 1, 2018

New parking rules go into effect Thursday in downtown Boise. 

When it comes to street parking, downtown Boise is divided into three zones. Meters in zones One and Two in the city's inner core will now run longer in the evening.

"The actual hours of enforcement are going to at 8:00 as opposed to 6:00 Monday through Friday and then Saturday hours of enforcement from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.," says Craig Croner with City of Boise.

Croner says the changes will not affect zone Three parking spots further out of the downtown core.

"On Saturday enforecement, it's only enforced in zones One and Two. Zone Three is free."

The changes are designed to free up street and metered parking spaces for short term users by pushing long term parkers into lower-priced garages and flat lots.

City officials are increasing rates for meters in zones One and Two by between 25 and 75 cents an hour. It will also cost you more if you get a parking ticket: $20 for an expired meter, $25 for parking outside the allotted time and $60 if you park too close to a fire hyrdrant.

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